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Dj Ferre - Dance Palace Dj Ferre - DiscoMania

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Dj Ferre Mix Sessions On Radio Stations

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Dj Ferre In Spain

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Een Party In Spanje ? ook daar kan je Dj Ferre boeken ( Van Benidorm tot Murcia )  ' Andalusie' AllRound Dance Party's ' TrouwFeesten ' Oldies ' PopCorn & Classics Party House & Tech ' Latino Party's Disco Party's ( DiscoMania ) The UlteMate Disco Party Experience

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DJ Ferre

Welcome to My Website Find Out EveryThing There is to know About Dj Ferre The Music The Passion

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Dj Ferre

The Ultimate Music & Party Experience 25 Years Of Experience Pure Dance /AllRound Dance / discoMania  / WhatEver Party When ever The Party Dj Ferre Brings Life InTo It From Small Time Party’s To Big Time Events Open Air ‘ Compagnie Party’s ‘ Receptions’ Weddings ‘ Disco Party’s ‘ Retro & Classics Dj Ferre ! […]

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DJ Ferre !
CIF: BE0504794136
CP: . Antwerpen (België)
Tel: +32 470 34 98 86

The Ultimate Music & Party Experience